CCCOnline LogoCourse Snapshot for SPA112 - Spanish Language II

The information listed below is subject to change. Please review the course syllabus within your online course at the start of class.

Course Competencies

The competencies you will demonstrate in this course are as follows:

  1. Interpret authentic texts of various types across disciplines and communities to identify main ideas, key words and supporting details and make comparisons between target and native cultures.
  2. Engage in conversation to exchange information and discuss ideas and opinions concerning familiar and interdisciplinary topics as well as contemporary issues.
  3. Present ideas and information orally and in writing on cultural, interdisciplinary and contemporary topics, acquired from interaction and research.
  4. Develop understanding of the concept of culture as well as its dynamic and heterogeneous nature through comparison and analysis of the native and target cultures.
  5. Recognize and evaluate cultural stereotypes and generalizations by analyzing them in relationship to evidence and social interaction.
Learning concepts for this course are enchanced using modules, websites, and online discussions.

Module Outcomes Mapped to Competencies

The module outcomes that will permit you to demonstrate course competencies are:

Module 1
  Outcomes Competencies
1 Converse comfortably about sports. A, B
2 Use appropriate language structures to emphasize and clarify ideas. A, C
3 Converse about past events with appropriate structures. C, D, E
4 Present and discuss sports and lifestyle in Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries. D, E
Module 2
  Outcomes Competencies
1 Discuss situations and celebrations. A, B, D
2 Describe ongoing events in the past. B
3 Tell stories in the past. B
4 Compare people and things. C, D, E
5 Present and discuss information about celebrations and traditions in Spanish-speaking countries. A, B, C, D, E
Module 3
  Outcomes Competencies
1 Talk about careers and employment. A, B
2 Describe past events in more detail. B
3 Give instructions and suggestions. B
4 Compare demographic changes and employment in the U.S. and Spanish-speaking countries. A, C, D, E
5 Determine meaning from context. A
Module 4
  Outcomes Competencies
1 Discuss events in the recent past with the present perfect tense. B
2 Converse with ease about food, restaurants, cooking; Discuss preferences. A, B, C, D
3 Discuss the future. B
4 Give informal instructions. B, C
5 Present and discussinformation about food and restaurants in Spanish-speaking countries. A, C, E
Module 5
  Outcomes Competencies
1 Discuss health and medical treatments. A, B
2 Express expectations and hopes. B
3 Describe expectations, opinions, and wishes. B
4 Express goals, purposes, and means. B
5 Discuss music and dance in Spanish-speaking countries. A, D, E
6 Present final project. A, B, C, D, E

Course Time Commitment and Expectations

The semester schedule for this course may be 15 weeks, 10 weeks, or 6 weeks in duration. Based on the course format, this table shows the approximate amount of time you should plan to spend per week on this course. This includes time to read/listen to the online content, participate in discussion forums, complete all assignments, and study the course material.

For accelerated courses, the amount of time required per week is greater. Note that regardless of course format, the course material is the same and all course competencies, module outcomes, and assignments will be covered.

Course Activity Hours and Student Learning Hours
Course Credit Hours Course Format (Duration) Pace Relative to a 15 Week Course Course Activity Hours Student Learning Hours Per Week
3 15 Weeks - 135 8.5 to 9.5
3 10 Weeks 1.5x faster 135 12.5 to 14.5
3 6 Weeks 2.5x faster 135 21 to 24

Aside from typical reading assignments, this course has the following (Please Note: This list is subject to change based on the discretion of the instructor facilitating this course.):

Summary of Grading
Assignment Points %
Discussions (10 @ 25 points each) 250 15%
Quizzes (5 @ 100 points each) 500 30%
MLP Assignments (5 sets @ 100 points each) 500 30%
Oral Individual and Group Assignments (5 @ 50 points each) 250 15%
Course Project Activity 1 75 5%
Course Project Activity 2 75 5%
TOTAL 1650 100%



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